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ACS- Autologous Conditioned Serum


Now Available Nationwide with ACS Blood Laboratories in New South Wales and Victoria/Tasmania, servicing all other states from New South Wales and Victoria. 

ACS- Autologous Conditioned Serum
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After years of research around the world searching for products that are extremely beneficial for the equine athlete, ACS technology was formulated by Equine Blood Solutions Pty Ltd to develop the most advanced regenerative and cell therapy processes. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) has been used with horses recently to help speed up recovery and repair of tendons and ligaments injuries in horses. With ACS, we have developed the latest advancements in the equine industry.

Now Available Nationwide with ACS Blood Laboratories in New South Wales and Victoria/Tasmania.

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What is Equine Blood Solutions?

Equine Blood Solutions has been established to bring to the equine market the latest technology in regenerative therapy and stem cell therapy for horses, utilising the horse’s own interleukins and regenerative cells from the horse’s own blood.

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Who Should Use ACS?

All owners, trainers, and breeders that are involved in the thoroughbred, standard-bred, and equestrian environments will see the amazing benefits of ACS technology. It can be used in several different delivery systems.

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Why Use ACS?

Equine Blood Solution ACS technology is 100% drug free and 100% chemical free. It has no banned substances. We use the horse’s own repair cells, interleukins, and other regenerative properties for lung repair and back pain in horses only, guaranteeing no rules of competition or racing are broken.

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Autologous Conditioned Serum

We are delighted to get the opportunity to introduce ACS into our treatment regime, considering 90% of my work is in lameness and leg situations. I am aware that this has beneficial effects in all parts of the body.

I have used ACS and treated horses having no adverse reactions, horses that I have revaluated have shown no sign of lameness despite in the previous six months prior to treatment there were continual signs of lameness.

I look forward to continuing with this promising Technology ACS procedure from EQUINE BLOOD SOLUTIONS.

Dr. John Crowley,

Veterinarian, Silver Pines VET Clinic­-

I have been training and driving horses most of my life and seen a lot of products come and go. It was a delight to see a natural drug free product called A.C.S Blood treatment for horses come to market for all veterinarians and trainers. A.C.S. technology and regenerative properties, as well as value for money is very exciting for the racing industry. I put it at the top of the list as a breakthrough product and service. All horses whether it’s a thoroughbred, standard bred, equestrian or any other discipline can benefit from its use.

Mark Purdon

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